Saturday, December 19, 2009

{ Day 1: Flower Mart & Processing }

This weekend my friend Hannah, former co-worker at De La Rose, and I had the pleasure of designing and assembling the most gorgeous flowers for a wedding at The Montage Resort & Spa. Day one of the 3 day event began with a trip to Disneyland...well, MY Disneyland: The LA Flower Mart. We made sure to get there early, 4:45am to be exact, to pick out all the best roses, hydrangea, lisianthus, and more.

After four hours of charging the credit card, we drove down to my parent's house in Laguna Niguel to take advantage of their large garage and got to work. We began by processing all the flowers and greens and prepared the containers for all the work ahead of us on Day two. Stay tuned for more tomorrow...

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Kim said...

You can always tell a Mormon garage by their water barrels!!! Ha! That was a LOT of flowers!