Friday, April 18, 2008

Living in Provence

Another one done! Last week we handed over the keys to this adorable French Provence home (also in Shady Canyon) to the parent's of Casa de la Luz (see previous post). This house was so much fun to design and I think its adorable. I loved being a part of the design process for this home. Enjoy!

The home is hidden by olive trees, lots of lavender, and other tuscan garden elements.

Welcome to Provence.

The courtyard is filled with the sweet aroma of orange trees.

Its all in the details.

The textures in this home are so beautiful.  I love everything from the warm terra cotta tiles, to the soft venetian plaster, the rich wood tones, and even the custom designed stair rail.

The Great Room

Our beautiful Ebanista furnishings.

This kitchen screams French!  The tiles you see are hand-painted and imported from Europe, and if you click on the photo you'll notice the intricate hand-painting of every cabinet.  And I love the blue island.

We upholstered the walls of this Powder room in fabric for a more unique look.

Master Bath.

A fun idea: Medicine cabinets hidden behind picture frames.

The grounds are so serene and peaceful.

 Garden arbors.

French fountain typical Provence.

What a view!


Marcy said...

Uh, when can I move in? AMAZING!

Brooke W said...

ok you are making me sick! That is so not fair that people just hae money like the to just have the BEST house ever! You have the best job!!

Zach & Jenn said...

Now that is cool job. How fun that you get to do all that stuff. Is that a euro style shutter on the single window? I was thinking of putting a couple of those on my house. By the way, we're coming to Newport in a couple of weeks. Maybe we could say a quick hello.

shan & andrew said...

Love it!

Sean Watson said...

It looks very authentic. Going for lots of the small important details in Tuscan design. I love the shingled roof stacked four times. How rad!

linds said...

that is so so so cool!

charity said...

i love love love french provencal design. love it!

Erica said...

how could i not click on each picture for an up-close-and-personal view! wow! this is spectacular! congrats!

Anonymous said...

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Heather T. said...

Yeah, Aubs, my life kinda pales in comparison. Could you stop? Kidding, my house is just as nice as that one (when I close my eyes)! LOL! I'd like to see that house after a month with my kids in it! 8)
See you this summer!

Merzy said...

My mom does sewing for a few interior designers and she recognized some of that fabric (how could I not forward that thing of beauty on to her?!) that she's worked with and said one of the styles costs $450 per yard! But if you're building a custom home, $450 is like kleenex. :)

Thanks for always sharing your work, it looks AMAZING!

Elizabeth said...

Okay this house rocks! I am inspired! I'm going to show my hubby some of its features and copy them (in my own wee little budget!) NICE JOB!

theblibbys said...

It's ok... Ha pretty cool design. What kind of work do you do Aubs? You might have to design our house someday.

Amanda said...

I'm loving that gold mirror.

Christa Jeanne said...

Aubrey, I just love seeing all of these homes you work on. They're AMAZING!!! What a fun job!

martha said...

WOW!! This house is amazing! I love it. Good job!