Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{ My 28th Birthday :: La Creperie }

I had a birthday. Indeed I did. And it was a FABULOUS one! Worked a 1/2 day, met up with Erin and some friends at the pool, got tan, went on a 6 mile run down the coast (go me!), got my nails did, took a nap, met up with some of my besties at La Creperie in Belmont Shore, ate too much, drove home, checked all my "happy birthday" messages on Facebook and went to bed. It really was a fantastic birthday! Thank you to everyone who helped make it so special. You know who you are!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{ Pre-Birthday Dinner Party }

I had the best birthday before it ever began! Sunday after church I drove down south to my parent's house for an incredible birthday meal of Macadamia Nut Crusted Halibut "on the barbie." YUM! After dinner we opened presents and I was so excited to find a card with some money in it to buy the Beach Cruiser I've been wanting ever since I moved to HB. I was elated! Thanks Mom & Dad.

After family time I came home to Huntington to another incredible meal prepared by my amazing roommate, Erin Elton (and friends). She planned a little last minute dinner party for my birthday eve and it was beyond delicious. She made homemade enchiladas, with green sauce (my favorite!) along with all the fixings. She's so good to me! Here are a few cute pics from the night.

And as dumb as it is, I really like this last picture for 2 reasons. One, because I'm about to get the cutest text that had me grinning from ear to ear the rest of the night! And two, because the flowers behind me that are beyond dead look pretty decent. But don't be fooled. Its an optical illusion. My roommates will concur.

Monday, March 29, 2010


It may be totally narcissistic to write a birthday post to yourself, but hey, it's my birthday so I'm gonna do whatever I want! So, when I got into work this morning, there was this lovely email awaiting me from one of the growers I buy my flowers from and attached were these lovely images of the tulip fields in Holland right now. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Did you know tulips are my FAVORITE flower? Well, they are! And this just totally made my day! Happy Birthday to me.

{ Images courtesy :: Dutch Flower Growers Association & Mayesh }

Sunday, March 28, 2010

{ Brittany & Paul :: The Engagements }

My friend Brittany is engaged! Her story is straight out of a fairytale too. But first, a little background on this cute girlfriend of mine. Brittany and I met the summer before my freshman year of High School. She was my very first friend at DHHS. It's true! Over the next 4 years she and I shared a love for all things creative (and boy bands) and both decided to pursue an education in design in Utah. She went the Art History route, while I did Interior design.

After graduation we both served LDS missions. She went to Brazil and I went to Canada. When we got home, I got a job in California and Brittany went on to D.C. to get a Masters in Interior Design. Here's where it gets good...

While studying abroad in Denmark she met the love of her life, Paul. After finishing her summer courses in Europe, she returned to D.C. to finish her degree, but kept in touch with this handsome young fellow. The two fell in love long distance and are now planning a wedding for sometime late summer in southern California, after which they'll be moving to Sweden to start their new life together. Doesn't get anymore lovely than that!

While she and Paul were in town to plan some wedding details, I had the opportunity to meet with her at the reception site and talk flowers. Oh boy, it's gonna be a good one! It's 6 months off and I'm already daydreaming of whimsical garlands and mossy walkways. But enough of that. How beautiful are these photographs of Brittany & Paul taken by the talented Rachel Thurston. These two REALLY are that beautiful. To see more click HERE.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

{ Phil & Jenni :: A Garden Wedding }

I can't believe it's over! My marathon month of wedding flowers has come to an end. Save the best for last, right Jenni? THESE two love birds tied the knot today in the Newport Beach LDS Temple and then celebrated all night long in the city of Long Beach.


To see more pictures of my creations, you'll most definitely want to click HERE and visit my floral blog, Design By Aubrey. Thanks again Phil & Jenni for letting me be apart of your special day! Happy honeymooning!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{ The Decorating Diva }

My friends Erin & Warren recently married and moved into their very first place together, which just so happens to be down the street from me. I love it because I get to see them all the time! A month or so ago Erin asked if she could bounce some design ideas off me and get some advice for decorating her new place. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. You see, Erin already has a fabulous sense of style, she just needed someone to talk it all through with. So together we came up with some great solutions for her place, like a fun color scheme, the perfect rugs, a new hutch, swagging the dining room chandelier, a plate collage, etc. A couple weeks ago, she posted the results on her blog and I was so excited/proud of her that I just had to help her show it off!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{ Happy 28th Birthday Emily! }

I just want to start this post off by saying how much I love this girl! I do. I love, love, love her! Let's count the 28 ways I love Emily...

1. She makes running 5 miles fee like 50 yards.
2. She is super HOT! Like, really smokin' HOT!
3. We met at the MTC training center in Provo, Utah.
4. We both live in HB and love it!

5. She lets me take her on dates. Remember THIS?

6. She helps me pick out "healthy" foods at TJ's.
7. We crush on the same boys. Sometimes. And that's ok.
8. She danced through the streets of Paris with me.

9. She likes Coca Cola Light just as much as me.

10. We both love Angel's baseball. And baseball boys.

11. She likes the color purple. And so do I.

12. She knows what I'm going to say before I even say it.
13. She has a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
14. She makes me laugh and smile all the time!

15. We go on single's cruises to Mexico. And don't hang out with anyone but each other.

16. She renewed my love for jumping rope. Now I can't get enough.
17. We sail the open seas on yachts together.

18. We both like to rock the bangs together.
19. She's one of my 10 numbers on speed dial.
20. She tells me the truth. Always.
21. We like to go deep sea fishing together.

22. When we jog she slows her pace down so I don't feel like a slow poke.
23. She lets me have sleepovers when I don't feel like driving home.
24. We share our secrets with each other.
25. We both love travelzoo. And amazing weekend deals to San Fran!

26. She motivates me to be a better person.

27. She loves me for me. Even when I suck.
28. She is and always will be one of my very best friends!

Monday, March 22, 2010

{ Alice In Wonderland :: Mad Hatter Tea Party }

As I'm sure you all know, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland came out a few weekends ago. While I didn't care much for the movie, I sure had a fabulous time sipping tea and nibbling on crumpets with these fine fellows at the Mad Hatter Tea Party before the show. It was a very merry unbirthday for all!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

{ Cupcakes :: By, Erin Elton }

My roommate Erin is amazing!!! Not only does she make the world's most delicious cupcakes, but she knows how to do it in style. Check out these amazing creations she designed for our friend Roselyn's Wedding Open House.

The top layer are a creamy red velvet with cream cheese frosting and dipped in red sugar. The middle layer are a delicious coconut flavored cupcake with white frosting and gorgeous coconut flakes. And the 3rd level is a rich chocolate with crushed chocolate chips, topped with the tastiest chocolate frosting and a purple pansy. All beautiful and all delicious. Marvelous job Erin!